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Equipment Cleaning

Keeping your kitchen clean is the one of the most important things you can do. It not only maintains the safety of the workspace and keeps the chef happy, but it improves the quality of the food as well. Commercial Kitchen Cleaners has the experience to clean each piece of equipment to make sure it stays working – and cooking – like new. No need to worry about transporting anything, because we come to you. No matter what type of equipment your kitchen uses, we have the expertise to make sure we do it right.

From the Inside Out

We’ll partially dismantle the cooking equipment and do a thorough scrape, degrease, rinse down, wipe and shine of the whole thing. We use a chemical cleaner that is a non-toxic product and specifically designed for the removal of grease and carbons.

We can clean just about any piece of restaurant equipment in the kitchen. Make sure you contact us for work involving deep fat fryers, ovens, grills, stoves, walk-in boxes, steam tables or dishwashers.

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Kitchen Cleaning & More

Don’t forget that Commercial Kitchen Cleaners also offers commercial kitchen cleaning. We’re located in Washington, D.C. Contact us today.